Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm a Soccer Mom!

So, it's official. As of this week, I am now a soccer mom. Complete with minivan. Startling how it sneaks up on one. Less than a decade ago, I was an ├╝ber-cool, late-night-latte-drinking, hemp-jewelry-wearing art major. And now I push a double stroller around town, sing along to "The Letter Factory," and stand cheering on the sidelines taking pictures of little kids in oversize shirts running around after a ball. It could happen to you. And frankly, if it doesn't, you haven't really lived.

Anyway, Jonah's favorite recess activity is playing soccer, regardless of how much bigger all the other players are. In fact, we finally told him we wanted him to spend at least one recess a day doing something other than soccer. (Nothing against the sport, of course. We just don't want him turning into one of those obsessed, maniacal Brazilian-type soccer fans who cause deadly riots when their World Cup team loses. Got to be well-rounded, and all that.) So, since he was playing it so much without knowing the rules, we thought it would be great to sign him up for a real live team. And while we were at it, we got Jude in on the fun, too. Both kids get to play with classmates. Here are some photos to document this new stage in our lives.

Jonah with his coach

Jonah defending the goal.

Jude coming in for a high-five from his coach

Jude kicking the ball—and almost getting it to go somewhere


Kjerste said...

I can't wait to join the ranks of soccer moms! Looks like you are having so much fun with your boys!

Jon, Shelley, Jetta, & Elena said...

how moms are so last week. don't you know it's all about the hockey moms now?!?! everyone looks great...can't believe how big your boys are gettin! love, j/s/j

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