Friday, February 27, 2009

Winter pictures

I thought I'd post some pictures to make up for the lack of blogging during the last two months:

Jude's preschool class made these "goofy goggles" while studying the letter G. He was unbelievably giddy (another good G word) when he got home, and couldn't wait to show me.

Jonah's class, meanwhile, was studying ants. And they performed a very informative play about the insects for their elementary assembly. Jonah was a scout ant. (Back row, second from right)

Paul enjoying the heaps of snow in our front yard.

Jude and Jonah doing the same.

Jonah loves to get out and shovel. We have to stop him from shoveling the entire block. I hope this useful hobby will last well into adulthood. But I have my doubts.

And then, at last, an escape from the snow. Christmas with my husband's lovely family in Phoenix, AZ.

The newlyweds (hey, what's nine years?) in front of an Arizona Christmas "tree".

My sister-in-law Karen took us out for a family photo shoot. Here's one of her great pictures: Grannie M with her boys, daughters-in-law, and all her grandkids.

Jayson and Asaph hangin' out with Papa Jay

Back in Idaho, we celebrated Christmas and New Year's on the same day with my family. I got the boys a digital camera for Christmas ($2 at a yard sale. Shhh.) which was a huge hit. Jude went around taking pictures of everything and everybody. Here he is snapping one of G.G.

In Phoenix, my niece Sydney and I made hats on knitting looms one day at Grannie M's house. Paul thought this hat was pretty great, so he started wearing it around. Here he is with my dad, looking like his goofy self.

And my brother Ethan, with his lovely wife, Christina, inspecting one of Zach's nifty gifts.

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