Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Plead the Fifth

Introducing our fifth little boy, Liam Quentin:

He arrived on Friday night, November 26, his great-grandfather's birthday, and was a very healthy eight pounds, fifteen ounces and twenty-two inches long.

Meeting his brothers for the first time:


Carissalayla said...

I love his name and I think he looks like Jonah! Many congrats!

bree said...

Another sweet, handsome little fella. Blessings!

caitygirl said...

what a beautiful little boy! congratulations!

kelly said...

Yay! He is adorable!

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations, Hannah! What a great big chunk of manly baby! Blessings upon the fifth Grieser manchild! -LizzieNieuwsma

Grieser Family said...

My new baby nephew...I cannot wait to hold you! You look so precious and lovable. Don't worry...I will be there soon. :)

Luma said...

Congratulations! Heard you and the baby are doing well. Praise God for that!

Seda said...

Dear Hannah,

I am an occasional visitor and I want to drop by and say hello.

Thank you for writing. I enjoy the way you string your words together. I am a young mommy of two boys. Your seasoned words bring me much encouragement.

Congratulations on your little one. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


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