Saturday, November 8, 2008


This week we instituted the crash pile (a heap of pillows gathered from all over the house for the boys to jump on) as a remedy to the smushy weather outside and the pent-up energy inside. To give credit where it's due, reading this gave me the idea and was one of those Duh-Why-didn't-I-think-of-that? moments. Rachel's kid-friendly projects are usually extremely nifty, but they are also usually geared toward the girlies in her life. However, the crash pile has definite crossover appeal. Plus, we set the mood by adding a crash pile soundtrack—the newly acquired BeauSoleil CD (thank you, yard sale) cranked up to 11. The end result was little boy euphoria, and our living room has already seen repeat performances. Woohoo!


Erika said...

We used to pull Mom and Dad's mattress (on sheet washing day) at a tilt leaning against the box spring, then slide down it or jump at it. Hours of entertainment. Also a fun one, pile pillows at the bottom of the stairs, then slide down in a laundry basket, it's like a miniature roller coaster, sometimes just as fun in a sleeping bag. :)

Unknown said...

the testosterone in these pictures is frightening... i have many adventures to come when benjamin is a bit older, eh? :)

Aunt Brenda said...

I wish I had stopped by your house when I was there....looks like you've done a terrific job at decorating! Now, wish I had grabbed a Moscow phone book.Do you have CPS there? I'm pretty sure Ive seen those ribs somewhere before....OhYeah! The starving kids in National Geographic!

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