Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloweformation Day!

Since it is Halloween, I thought I'd share the view out of our bedroom window at night:
If it looks as though our neighbor's house is levitating, that's because it is. And that glowing orb in the trees? A UFO. Seriously. I have no idea what that is. You can see more at the bottom of this post.

Time-Warner Cable was so kind and generous to send us a free costume in the mail. And we don't even buy their services. Wasn't that sweet? Jude cut it out, and Paul obligingly wore it around. Jayson's senior class was meeting in our living room when Paul brought them some Time-Warner-sponsored entertainment by running in wearing this beautiful bat.

The students at NSA hosted a Reformation Day party for the kids. They were thrilled to wear their costumes, but as we were getting ready to leave, we discovered that Paul's Tigger hat had gone missing sometime during the afternoon. So rather than go hatless, he opted for a pirate's bandana instead. And then added the black galoshes. And the yellow plastic sword. I'm not sure A.A. Milne ever envisioned Tigger as a pirate, but I'm sure he would have been happy to note that it can, in fact, work.

What Pirate Tiggers like best.

Here's the follow-up photo I promised. This is in the morning, and you can see a little better what's going on. They are adding a basement under this house. It's been quite a thrill for our boys to watch the process. It started with dismantling the chimney, brick by brick, and it now involves dump trucks and jack hammers and cement mixers and all kinds of hydraulics. It was quite a shock, though, to come home to see the house four feet off the ground. So that explains the unusual sight. But the UFO? I still don't know what that was. (Cue creepy music.)


Erika said...

Yes, there was a RED theme...kinda random theme, but it was fun. And it was interesting to see the creativity throughout. One family came as a BLT, No lettuce, but the Dad was a piece of bread, the Mom was a cherry tomato and the son was bacon. It was pretty funny.

Sara said...

it's nice to know someone else in this world celebrates reformation day! :)

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