Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Apple pickin'

Last Friday, we had an welcome spike in temperature that coincided with Jude's and Jonah's day off from school. So we took advantage of this double bonus and went with my mom, who also took the afternoon off, to enjoy some local flavor: apple picking at the WSU orchards.

Don't we look cheery?

More cheeriness.

And more cheeriness...except that Paul looks like he's beholding a beatific vision. And Jonah is sprouting horns.

Mom got a bag of apples, too, but here you see she also snagged some fallen apple wood to use in the smoker at home. Resourceful lady, that.


After apples, we crossed the road to see the (extremely stinky) grizzlies. Despite the double layer of chain links with their friendly cap of razor wire, Jonah kept a respectful distance, but Paul wanted to communicate. Bear whisperer, maybe.

Now, who could spend a warmish day with kids near WSU and not head over to Ferdinand's for some ice cream? (For those who don't know, WSU has its own creamery where, on select days, you can watch from above as students in highly attractive hairnets and latex gloves make ice cream and cheese from milk produced by WSU's own dairy cows.) When we arrived there was a bit of a line, so we decided to head up to the observation room. But since nothing was happening down below, we watched their informational video instead. However, when we returned down the stairs for our ice cream, the line for the cold and creamy had extended itself out the door and was wrapping like a boa constrictor around the corner of the building. ACK! And the parking meter was tick-tick-ticking away the last of our spare change! So, rather than eat our ice cream on site, we exited stage left and drove back to Moscow, opting to purchase our Ferdinand's ice cream at the Chill Box—the only other place in the world that sells it. No waiting in line either. A sweet end to a fun and fallish afternoon.

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Ali Gronewold said...

Thanks for the pictures! They're great. I especially like the one of Paul with his apple! Adorable. Palouse in the fall is lovely!

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