Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Horticultural Whatnot

Fall has officially done its work on our yard.
This tree pictured above was in full , leafy green foliage the day before, and then the following morning, all its lovely clothing lay, as you can see, strewn upon the ground below--not leaf by leaf, but in whole, still-green, in-tact branches--as though in anticipation of a triumphal entry into the royal city. Most strange.

The maple has also begun to undress, but what I want you to see in the photo is what the maple leaves are resting on. Yes, that's right: grass! Our back yard is now sprouting leaves of grass fit to make Walt Whitman green with E.

Here are the frost-bitten tomato plants. We would likely have had about 30 more pounds of fresh tomatoes, had the warm weather held out a little longer (or started a little sooner this summer). But sad mortality o'erswayed their power. So I salvaged a few to ripen indoors on the window sill:

A little taste of leftover summer. Sweet.

1 comment:

catherine said...

Hey, I recognize that jacket! :-)

The tomato pics are beautiful, Hannah! Hope they ripened indoors properly & that y'all were able to enjoy them!

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