Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A taste of Texas

A couple of weeks ago we had our first visit from some Dallas friends! Dan and Wendy are good friends from our Church in Texas, and Dan even drove our moving truck with Jayson all the way up to Moscow when we moved last summer. We had a great visit with them; they're the kind of people who make you feel like you never really left. They also spoiled us with some fantastic bottles of wine! Plus, it was a great to spend some quality time with the McIntoshes again, too. (We've hardly seen each other since we both moved back up here!)

Bea, Emma, Paul and Jude enjoying each other's company after a long separation. They were watching a video here, but I'm sure it was thoroughly edifying and educational.

Wendy and Asaph having a good laugh

Wendy, Annie and me. Just like ol' times.

And the fellers: Jonathan, Dan and Jayson.

Had to throw this photo in, too. Look! Jayson and I are in the same picture (with Jude)!


Kjerste said...

Looks like you all had a grand time! We're looking forward to seeing your folks at church tonight.

Jon, Shelley and Jetta said...

good clean fun. everyone looks gr8! miss you kids.

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