Saturday, October 25, 2008


I just thought you all should know that I turned 30 recently. Here's proof:

We just had a small family gathering at my parents' house, and our friends the LaMoreauxs came over for a bit, too.
And the weather was nice enough for us all to play on the basketball court outside.

Thirty seems to be a good age so far. Can't say I feel different, but I'll keep you posted!


Bridget De said...

Only 1 candle? :)

Happy 30th! It seems like it should be a bigger deal, doesn't it?

Glad your party was fun!

Cinnamon Rolls and Bacon said...

Yeah, well... a bunch of my former classmates were turning thirty this year, and my friend Annie and I had talked about doing a big 30th birthday bash for the whole group. But this summer would have been the time for it, and we all just got too busy and ended up having small family parties instead. And one candle—probably in case my aging lung capacity couldn't handle the full 30. :)

Sara said...

happy birthday! (what's the actual date of your birthday? i didn't manage to store that one in my memory bank!) i'm an experienced 30 year old by now and it seems to be an ok age... :)

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